About Me


Laverda - a name synonymous with charisma, performance and rock solid quality.  For over 20 years Laverda motorcycles have been my passion.


I received my formal engineering training with the Electricity Generating Board, since then I have worked as a toolmaker, welder/fabricator, full time motorcycle restorer and had a spell at the Science Museum in London manufacturing and repairing exhibits, more recently I have worked in film and television as a special effects engineer. Laverdas in particular and motorcycles in general have featured in the background all of my working life, earlier this year events conspired as they do to prompt me into turning my passion into my profession, starting up Laverda Scozia and offering my skills and experience to a wider audience.

I am the only Laverda specialist in the UK offering full in house precision engineering facilities, I operate from a clean fully equipped workshop in Glasgow, not as far away as you may think as I employ the services of a very reliable courier company that can transport your machine, fully insured, to my workshop from anywhere in the UK for around £130 one way. I try and encourage my customers to come up to collect their bike and ride home and what better way to enjoy your newly fettled bike than a quick lap of the Scottish Highlands?

A browse of the site will give you an idea of some of the services I offer and hopefully a feel for the quality of my workmanship. Full contact details and a general enquiry form are given in the contacts section.

Thanks for reading.